From Good Stock w/ Chef Shay Linkus

For our fifth From Good Stock Supper Club we are excited to team up with former L&E man behind the bar and all around decent human being Jim McCann and Chef Shay Linkus of his new Milwaukee bar Vanguard. Chef Linkus has devoted the menu to the perception of Milwaukee.

Tickets available HERE.

Opening Cocktail: Wisconsin Brandy Old Fashioned

Relish Tray (for the duration of meal)

First Course: Squab McNugget/Foie Gras Bbq
paired with Letherbee Fernet / Red Wine / Sprecher’s Cola / Mole Bitters

Second Course: Veal Cannibal/Saltine Whip/Burned and Frozen Cocktail Onion
paired with New Glarus Spotted Cow

Third Course: Do You Know What’s in A Hot Dog?
paired with Miller Highlife “Champagne of Beers”

Fourth Course: Pork Fat Perch/Cheese Crackers + Trout Skin/ Brandade de Morue

Fifth Course: Duck : Blood, Sausage and Skin/ Mustard
paired with Letherbee Gin / Plum Syrup / Lemon / Soda

Dessert: Custard and the High Life
paired with Ginger Brandy


From Good Stock w/ Chef Hunter Moore

For our first From Good Stock on August 3rd, Parson’s Chicken & Fish Chef Hunter Moore embraces and further extends his love of and relationship with family and local farms, creating a menu that “showcases their hard work during one of my favorite times of the year”, the mid to late summer growing season.

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We are pleased to be presenting, alongside our friends at Dictator and Solemn Oath Brewery, a special live performance with Brooklyn-based ‘transcendental’ black metal band Liturgy, on Tuesday, September 30th.

The reunited quartet will be doing a quick run of shows in support of the the reissue – by the local Thrill Jockey imprint – of their debut 2009 release, Renihilation.

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From Good Stock

We are pleased to announce and present a new supper club series, From Good Stock, an event series that launches this summer.

Conceived by LSD director of operations Elana Green, From Good Stock invites talented chefs to create unique menus based on personal passions and seasonal whims, coupled with our penchant for art, design and music.

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Audial LSD

We are pleased to announce and present a new event series Audial LSD, the first of which features regarded noise ensemble Wolf Eyes.

The series focuses on presenting challenging, creative and interesting live works, performances that are documented and recorded, from which the masters will be culled for a limited audio offering, delivered in a variety of ‘hard packaged’ format options.

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Bare Mutants at LSD

Last week, we hosted a special event at the Land and Sea Dept. studios, one that featured a riveting live performance by Bare Mutants.

The event was hosted by Filter and Ploom, with support from Laugnitas, Letherbee and Parson’s Chicken & Fish, and included an acoustic, intimate live performance by the band, performing as a duo. The show was filmed and recorded, content that should be trickling out at some point soon.

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2013 Artist Mixtape Series

A longer form project of ours, for Longman & Eagle, has finally been realized, an Artist Mixtape Series of cassette tapes for the rooms upstairs.

Over the last year, Land and Sea Dept. has asked artist friends of ours to compile mix tapes, which were then duplicated to cassette, now housed in gorgeous cases screen printed by frequent collaborators and friends Sonnenzimmer.

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Our studio has also just completed work on another L&E project, packaging for a limited release of bottled twenty-one year old Willett bourbon.

The release is in an addition of thirty-five, which includes a bottle of Longman’s twenty-one year old Willett bourbon housed in a canvas bag affixed with a stitched ampersand patch, numbered en verso.

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LSD 0018

Many, many thanks to all of you that came out to the Museum of Contemporary Art last week, for our sold out Body/Head show. Openers GATE and Tom Carter improvised together as a collaborative duo for the first time, a captivating set that had listeners pinned to their seats. Body/Head came with an audio/visual performance that stunned, playing material from their new Matador double album Coming Apart. As promised, it was truly a great night for all.


Lisa Alvarado

We are pleased to again partner with our friends at Drag City to present a cultural event at Soccer Club Club, in this case working with harmoniumist and painter Lisa Alvarado in presenting The Traditional Object.

Alvarado recently participated in Doug Aitken’s Station To Station project, has collaborated frequently with artist Theaster Gates, and has shown at various galleries around the world. Here, she’ll be debuting new work particular to this exhibition.

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Land and Sea Dept. has partnered with The A.V Club and Sub Pop Records to present and produce an edition of the A.V. Undercover: Summer Break video series. This installment, taking place on Sunday, July 21st, will feature a flash outdoor live performance by the band METZ, which will be filmed by The A.V. Club for later broadcast as a part of the Undercover series. The location and time may or may not be announced ‘later’. If this interests you for any reason, email us at rsvp@landandseadept.com.

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