0040 New Year’s Eve with Mucca Pazza



For our first New Year’s Eve celebration in the Chicago Athletic Association space, Land and Sea Dept. asked our friends Mucca Pazza if they’d be interested in collaborating on a program befitting the various rooms and they, gamely, agreed.

The Chicago-based ‘interdisciplinary instrumental music and performance ensemble’ generally includes thirty or more participants, an exuberant, maniacal punk rock marching band known for their rousing live performances.

In this case, the band popped-up variously throughout the hotel as the night unfolded, in one epic case surprising and then thrilling Drawing Room guests with impromptu performance in front of our fireplaces. 

The band eventually made their way up to Stagg Court for a full performance proper, ringing in the New Year with the sort of energy and vibrancy only Mucca Pazza can deliver.