0033 Fucked Up @ Garfield Park Conservatory

Art Direct / Design / Produce


Over the years, Canadian hardcore band Fucked Up have released a number of recordings as a part of their ‘Zodiac’ series, material that is more expansive, more experimental than that found on their albums proper.

With the release of their latest, ‘Year of the Hare’, the band approached Land and Sea Dept., with the intent of doing an event in a less traditional space in keeping with the more adventurous tone of the work, and we suggested what’s become a favorite, a live show at the beautiful Garfield Park Conservatory.

This special live performance saw the band expand to a nine-piece configuration, conscripting experimental openers DOOMSQUAD, pushing the boundaries of their already ambitious sound.

LSD partner Cody Hudson developed a unique ‘FUn Pack’ that was utilized as both a marketing tool and then fan takeaway, consisting of a pencil set and then a limited ‘maze’ game and poster packaged together handsomely.



photography: Chip Luman