0001 Longman & Eagle

Art Direct / Build / Concept / Curate / Design

Our first fully collaborative effort, the Longman & Eagle project required a full compliment of creative elements, across disciplines.

A fully integrated, modern take on a traditional inn concept, Longman and Eagle launched in 2010 with a simple bar and restaurant on the first floor, followed by six guest rooms upstairs shortly thereafter.

For it, the Land and Sea Dept. principals conceived of and developed the overarching inn concept and its narrative, developed the branding and identity components, and then established the overall marketing and messaging initiatives.




We then designed and built nearly every aspect of both floors, and developed all of the various finish details that ultimately defined (and define) the property. We also oversaw the licensing and permitting process.

We brought in, and continue to bring in, collaborative creative partners, folks we’re inspired by and interested in ourselves. We worked with Kujawa Architecture (now Range Design & Architecture) on the inn’s main entryway and stair. We brought in artist and illustrator Ryan Duggan tto do hand-painted work throughout the property. We’ve worked with Sonnenzimmer design and print team on a number of fronts, have done and continue to do ‘broadsheet’ zines (that are also used as wallpaper in our restrooms) with the likes of Paul OctaviousJJ Sulin, and Andrew Paynter, and then have hung, shown and worked with artists like Cody Hudson, Juan Angel Chavez, New Catalogue, Nicola Kuperus, Stephen Eichhorn, The Post Family and many, many more.



The project has received a wide range of accolades from the start, earning positive nods for concept, design and execution from the likes of Esquire, GQ, The Michelin Guide, The New York Times, Wallpaper and more.



Longman & Eagle
“Unquestionably the best-provisioned flophouse in the country” – GQ Magazine



longman-theendphotos: Clayton Hauck