Dan Deacon x 2


HIT + RUN at the CAA


MCA Prime Time: Vibes


VIBES 9 17-02

We’re pleased to collaborate and partner with the Museum of Contemporary Art on the first installment of MCA Prime Time, their new quarterly event series launching this fall. Land and Sea Dept. will be taking over the museum on October 2, from 7-11pm. Tickets available HERE.

Here’s a breakdown of what you have to look forward to:



Electronic artist Dan Deacon will be headlining the event, treating audiences to a live performance, which means lots of audience participation and plenty of theatrics.

The event will also feature the debut of the Impala Sound System, a massive, sculptural speaker wall. Impala Sound Champions will deejay through the system throughout the night.

Psych-folk abstractionist Ryley Walker will be performing over the course of the evening.

Musicians Elliot Bergman (Wild Belle), Quin Kirchner (NOMO) and Erik Hall (In Tall Buildings), Joe Adamik (Califone, Iron and Wine) and Kiara Lanier will be playing from within the Alexandre da Cunha sculpture on the MCA’s front plaza, welcoming guests as they enter the museum.

Domestic Animal and Afterglowings will also be performing over the course of the evening, with a liquid light show and live music piece from Chicago based musicians Drew Ryan and Derek Weber.



Alongside the interactive art and music elements, bars and restaurants from the Land and Sea Dept. family will be popping up in the museum for the evening.

Parson’s Chicken and Fish will be taking over the patio of the MCA’s outdoor cafe space, red and white umbrellas and picnic tables included. Chef Hunter Moore and principal bartender Charlie Schott will be serving up Parson’s signature dishes and slushies.

Tiki bar Lost Lake and adjoining American-Chinese takeout counter Thank You. will be setting up shop as well, featuring Paul McGee’s signature cocktails and bites from Chefs Jennifer Jackson and Justin Tootla.

Longman & Eagle’s Off Site Bar will also have a presence at Vibes, complete with bar manager Phil Olson’s drinks and executive chef Matt Kerney’s culinary offerings. as well as donuts from pastry chef Jeremy Brutzkus.

Paul McGee will also be serving up some classic cocktails with a pop-up bar from Cherry Circle Room, Land and Sea Dept.’s latest venture, located in the Chicago Athletic Association hotel.



Lilli Carré, Paul Nudd, and Philip Vanderhyden will be contributing pieces for a video program playing over the course of the evening in the main lobby. Chicago-based artists Mike Rea and Josue Pellot will also be showing pieces – Mike Rea will be performing “Band Practice”, a new mixed media piece, while Josue Pellot will be bringing a sculpture to the MCA for the night.

Jeremiah Chiu (Plural) will be showing his ‘Smartphone Symphony’, an interactive art piece inviting participants to play tones via their smartphones’ web browsers. The resulting cacophony creates a user-generated symphony.



Live screen printers HIT+RUN will be setting up shop at the MCA for the evening. Created by California-based artists Brandy Flower & Michael Crivello, HIT+RUN will be creating made to order tees and totes, live at the event, with original art from Juan Angel Chavez, Stephen Eichhorn, Wyatt Grant, HIT+RUN, Cody Hudson, and Adam Scott.



In keeping with the theme of the evening, Vibes, and the overall spirit of collaborating with friends,
Land and Sea Dept. will be curating the LSD Mini-Mart® on the MCA’s ground floor. The mart will feature a collection of creatives from across many creative disciplines, all showcasing art, design, publications, objects, and records.

Participants include Andrew Rafacz Gallery, Devening Projects + Editions, Drag City, LVL 3 w/ The Arts of Life, No Coast, PATRON, The Pitchfork Review, Pot Shop, Sonnenzimmer, Tan & Loose Press, and WesternXeditions.

The Mini-Mart will also feature a video program curated by Ryan Travis Christian, featuring pieces from Nate Bernot, Shana Moulton, Allison Schulnik, Brent Weinach, Scott Wolniak and more, as well as music from Drag City.

Reckless Records DJs in the Game Room


Monday Me at Soccer Club Club

drag city-strawberries_LOW


BALTIMORE - Musician Dan Deacon photographed in his studio November 17, 2014

Land and Sea Dept. is thrilled to partner with the MCA on the first installment of MCA Prime Time, a new event series launching at the museum this fall.

More info coming soon.

MCA Primetime and Land and Sea Dept. Present:

Friday, October 2 / 7-11pm
Dan Deacon photo: Frank Hamilton

Volume Gallery / Matthias Merkel Hess at CAA


This fall, Land and Sea Dept. and the Chicago Athletic Association are thrilled to partner with Volume Gallery on an exhibition of work by LA-based artist Matthias Merkel Hess.  Volume will be taking over the second floor trophy case, filling it with a selection of Hess’ ceramic sculptures. The collection will be on display from September 16 – October 5.

Traditionally, ceramics were used as vessels for storage or transport for water, grains, and flour. Exploring ceramics’ origins in this collection, Hess is holding up a mirror to the lost permanence of the original intention of both vessel and medium by poking fun at these disposable containers – including ceramic renditions of gas cans, plastic bottles, water jugs, and more.

Originally from Iowa, Hess has resided in Los Angeles since 2002. His recent shows include Oeuvreday, at the James Harris Gallery, Seattle; Hereafter, at the Salon 94 Freemans, New York City, Anvils at ACME in Los Angles, and Things at Volume Gallery in Chicago.



Marz x Lost Lake Vacation Beer!

Processed with VSCOcam with a9 preset

New season, new beer. Lost Lake is excited to launch a second collaboration with Marz Community Brewing this fall. As a follow up to the ever popular Lost Lake Exotica Ale, Vacation Beer also pairs well with rum, and is available at both Lost Lake and next door at Thank You for carry out.

At 5% ABV and 30 IBU, Vacation Beer is a multinational spin on an otherwise true to style American Lager; it travels light and makes friends near any coast. The malt character is minimal, with a little flaked corn and rice to support the German Pilsner malt and the international blend of hops sourced from around the globe. Pacific Gem hops from New Zealand push through the blend with a subdued bitterness and candy-like berry and citrus taste – and if your feet are up while you drink it, you may even get a touch of melon flavor. Come by and try some…we could all use a little vacation.

Thank You. Take Out Lunch


In great news for Chinese food enthusiasts in Avondale, Logan Square, and beyond, Thank You. is launching lunch, starting Monday, September 9! With a fresh Pickle & Chub menu that is a perfect complement to the dinner offerings, the lunch menu features a variety of street sandwiches, like chopped beef brisket, bodega pork belly, and simmered eggplant, all served with prawn chips; Dan Dan noodles with summer vegetables or minced beef; twice-cooked pork or mapo tofu over rice, and a selection of sides, including a rotating daily salad, egg rolls, pork & shrimp, and fresh & pickled vegetables.

The sandwiches are based on ‘rou jia mo’ – Chinese hamburgers. Along with the rice bowls and noodles, this menu reflects the typical ‘hawker’ style lunches you’d find on the city streets of China. All the dishes are quick, nourishing, and are influenced by the various provinces around China. The menu will change seasonally.

The new lunch menu is available Monday – Friday from 11am-3pm, for take out and delivery – there will also be limited seating available in Thank You.

Look for it on Caviar and Grub Hub, too!




Andrew Paynter Volume 03 Zine

Andrew Paynter is a San Francisco-based photographer and director, whose work ranges from documentary and portrait work to music videos and fashion shoots. Longman & Eagle recently collaborated with Paynter on the latest issue of our in-house newsprint zine (pictured below), L&E Volume 3, which was released this summer. This issue features Paynter’s landscape photography, and is available for guests in-room – it also acts as wallpaper in the the restaurant.
Clayton Hauck for Letherbee

Land and Sea Dept. and Longman & Eagle partner Cody Hudson recently chatted with Andrew about his work.

Greetings – tell us a little bit about yourself, where you live, etc?

I am a North Carolinian, living in Oakland California with my wife and two kids. I work as a photographer and have directed a few commercials and short films.


I really like the “working artists” series you have been working on. What is it about the process of art making that you like to capture? Also, care to talk at all about the longer series of photos you have been shooting of artist Geoff McFetridge?

Thank you. Me too! I grew up admiring the work of David Duncan Douglas, who I discovered through a Picasso book I had as a teenager. It inspired me to to capture the work of artists who I both loved and had as friends. I always felt inspired by the old Magnum/reportage photographers and loved how their work made them feel a part of a scene, versus an outsider capturing. I hope the images feel from within, and less from outside.

I first met Geoff through my friend, artist Jon Santos. I had seen his work and always admired what he was doing. In 2007 Geoff asked me to accompany him to Holland where he was putting on a solo show at the Mu, in Eindhoven. He was there with his wife and daughter for the summer. It was this trip that led me to ask if he would be interested in doing a 10 year photographic project about his work, studio and life. I give him credit for both entertaining the idea and saying yes, as Geoff is a very private and modest person. But I felt the foresight into what ultimately would become him as a very influential person in the visual world. We are about to end the project next year and it has been so great to watch him grow and push himself as creative person. He’s next level.

You have some Chicago connections in your work. How did the Tortoise “Prepare Your Coffin” video you made come into being?

Yes, I love Chicago and its music scene. I’m a friend of Tortoise and their label folk at Thrill Jockey. I met them all mainly through Tommy Guerrero in the late 90’s. I was asked by John Herndon (TRTS drummer) and Bettina Richards (Thrill Jockey owner) to make a music video. I was a bit shocked as I really hadn’t done much of anything like that before. I kept thinking, did they mean to ask a different Andrew in their address book? Anyhow, at the time I was working in a design studio in SF as an art director, so I collaborated with some of the guys there, at Juice Design and I wrote a treatment and we hired Dan Wolfe to shoot and edit it. It was a labor of love, as some of the best things tend to end up being in life, and I guess the guys liked it enough to use it and then asked if I would design that record with my ‘SF Lines’ photographic work. It was clearly a dream come true project, as I have the upmost respect for them, as creatives of visual sound.


How long have you been working on the landscape series we used for the L&E zine? And what is it that about the far away landscapes that interests you?

For two years I lived in both San Francisco and Los Angeles, constantly going back and forth between the two. It was those trips that sparked the interest in making the mundane reality of my drive, beautiful. I would constantly stop and shoot polaroids and film and chose to shoot on a Hasselblad camera, which is square in format. I liked the idea of the antithesis of what a ‘landscape’ should be in shape and size. I was drawn to them being reduced to square shapes in my life. I also studied painting in college and was always drawn to the classic Dutch landscape artists. I was trying to kind of make my own photographs based on the light you’d see in some of those paintings.

Are you still working mainly with film? And what is it about film that draws you to continue to use it?

I’m still shooting mostly film, but sometimes, particularly when I’m shooting a commercial project, I have to shoot digital, which is solely based on the clients needs, etc. I’m not against it, but I do feel nothing compares to film. I love the cameras, formats and how forgiving it is, as a medium. There’s a great denim company based in West Wales called Hiut. I have been tasked to shoot a campaign / book for them once a year for 10 years and they still let me shoot all black and white film. Those photos are some of my favorite ones I’ve done to date, and some can be seen on my web site.


Alright, now some more random ones. What’s you favorite drink to order at a bar?

I’ve never been much of a drinker of alcohol. Maybe a nice cold glass of wine here and there, but mainly I’m that guy ordering an Arnold Palmer at the bar. Ha!

What does your typical lunch look like? And to contrast that, what would your ideal or favorite meal be?

For lunch, I often find myself out due to meetings, etc. I love a little gem salad with radishes and avocados and some sort of lentils or a baguette with salami. My favorite meal is probably when my mother-in-law shows up with her famous homemade Pho Ga, which she mastered as a young lady living in Saigon. My daughter wants it every night, but it’s a serious two day production!

Check out more of Andrew’s work HERE.


L&E Block Party


Longman & Eagle will be hosting the annual “What’s Happening?!” block party on Sunday, September 6th, from noon – 10pm.

Hosted as a big ‘thank you’ to the Logan Square neighborhood surrounding the restaurant, the party will be on Schubert between Kedzie and Troy, right outside of Longman. Free and open to everyone, the day-long festivities will feature music, food, drinks, vintage shopping from The Bus Shop, and some fun stuff for the kids – like arts & crafts with Green Bean Day School & Nursery.

Chef Matt Kerney will be serving up Sloppy Joes, Sausages, and Elotes, while bar manager Phil Olson has got some fun cocktails on tap (Negroni Di Aquila and Dark & Stormy), and plenty of beer (Steigl, Anchor Brewing, and Old Milwaukee, of course). In addition to the eats and drinks, there will be plenty of tunes, with an all day DJ lineup – starting up with Sensitive Luke (12-2:30p), The Craps (3-5p), and closing out the night with a set from Windy City Soul Club (6-10p).

See you there!

Black Lips DJ Set—August 30, 2015 at Game Room


On Sunday, August 30, Atlanta-based punk band the Black Lips will be doing a DJ set in Game Room, located on the Chicago Athletic Association’s second floor. They’ll be spinning from 11p-1a – there’s no cover, and as always, there will be Schlitz on draft for $4, plus bocce, shuffleboard, and foosball all night. See you there!



LSD partner Cody Hudson recently designed a limited edition notebook for Public – Supply. As part of this collaboration, 100% of the profits from the sale of these notebook will go to supporting creative work in Chicago public schools. Cody will be helping select the Chicago classrooms that are funded on For more info and to pick up a few check out Public – Supply.

100,000 Served

100k slushy

Smack in the middle of its third summer of business (and the busiest yet), Parson’s Chicken & Fish just hit a major milestone: Bar manager Charlie Schott and the team sold their 100,000th Negroni slushy. The Negroni slushy has become a Chicago summertime staple and launched a frozen cocktail trend – after it was introduced in 2013, Negroni slushies found their way onto cocktail menus across the country.

The lucky purchaser of the 100,000th slushy was Revae Schneider, a local cocktail enthusiast and a Parson’s regular. She received a limited edition t-shirt, a bundle of red and white balloons, a gift card, and the admiration and jealousy of drinkers across the city. Revae is such a devoted Parson’s fan that she bought 16 slushies to push the count to 100k – of course, true to the Parson’s spirit, she shared her bounty with 15 new friends out on the patio.

Congrats to Revae, Charlie, and the whole Parson’s crew. Now, the next countdown begins – see you guys at 500,000!

Land and Sea’s Wandawega Supper Club at Soho House Chicago

Wandawega + Land and Sea Supper Club at Soho House from Richard Original on Vimeo.

Land and Sea Dept. was thrilled to partner with our friends at Camp Wandawega to present a Wisconsin-style supper club party, which was held on Sunday, July 26, at the Soho House Chicago‘s Tavern Room. Our stellar team of LSD bartenders and chefs came out in full force, serving a menu of inspired takes on retro regional favorites, including a Fancy Wedge Salad and Sweetbreads Eugenie from Pickle & Chub of Thank You., a Cheddar Beer Soup from Chef Hunter Moore of Parson’s Chicken & Fish, a 30-Day Dry Aged Ribeye from Chef Peter Coenen of Cherry Circle Room, and a Honey Buckwheat Pound Cake from Chef Jeremy Brutzkus of Longman & Eagle – plus an epic relish tray with contributions from the whole team.

Our beverage director Paul McGee served up Old Fashioneds (made with Brandy, Wisconsin-style), and Grasshoppers for dessert, while Phil Olson and Charlie Schott (bar managers of Longman & Eagle and Parson’s Chicken & Fish, respectively), paired each course with some of Wisconsin’s finest beers.


It was an intimate (and delicious) evening, full of thoughtful midwestern details from the fine folks at Camp Wandawega – they designed custom ashtrays, matchbooks, menus, placemats, swizzle sticks – pretty much everything right down to the after dinner buttermints. They also styled the Soho House’s Tavern with oddities and ornaments from beautiful Camp Wandawega in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, creating a scene right out of a 1950s dinner date. And, of course, a piano that doubled as a bar.

A great time was had by all – thanks to everyone involved!


photos and video: Richard Smith

Thank You. now on Grub Hub!

Clayton Hauck for Thank You.

Your late night Chinese food hankerings just got easier to satisfy: Thank You. is now on Grub Hub! You can peruse their selection of Chow Fun, Chicken Wings, General Tso Chicken, Pineapple Fried Rice and more in your pajamas.

Clayton Hauck for Thank You.

Best Of Chicago 2015


Logan Square is feeling the love today – big thanks to everyone who voted for Chicago Reader’s Best of Chicago Awards. Congrats to Lost Lake Tiki on Best New Bar and runner-up for Best-Looking Waitstaff, our own beverage director Paul McGee on Best Bartender, our pals at Lula Cafe on Best Overall Reataurant (and Longman & Eagle for runner-up) and more, and our buds at Revolution Brewing on Best Local Brewery / Best Brewpub! #bestofchi

Franklin BBQ in Chicago


As has been widely reported, Land and Sea Dept. will be collaborating on a series of events with Aaron Franklin, of Franklin BBQ in Austin, Texas, here in Chicago in early July.

Aaron Franklin is an Austin-based cook, educator, restauranteur and – most recently – a James Beard ‘Best Chef’ award winner, making him one of the most respected, well-known pit bosses in the word.

The events are a part of a tour celebrating the release of Franklin’s acclaimed book debut, A Meat Smoking Manifesto, and signed copies will be available for purchase.

These will be casual, intimate (and dare we say raucous?) affairs, taking place at the LSD studios, giving guests the opportunity to meet with and sample smoked meats from Franklin Barbecue. Franklin will be supported by Charlie Schott and Hunter Moore of Parson’s Chicken & Fish, and the ticket includes both drinks and food.

There’s a good chance that these will be the year’s best times, and these events are not-to-be-missed.

Tickets will go on sale tomorrow – Friday June 19th – at noon. Let’s repeat, as these tickets will go quickly – tickets go on sale Friday, June 19th, at noon.  Friday, June 19th, at noon.

Thursday, July 2nd

Friday, July 3rd

Saturday, July 4th




Land and Sea Dept. x Logan Square Preservation x Revolution Brewing

Clayton Hauck for Longman & Eagle

Chicago-based concept and project development studio Land and Sea Dept. is spearheading a project to improve the historic Illinois Centennial Monument, located in the heart of Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. Land and Sea have partnered with Revolution Brewing and Logan Square Preservation to create a special beer, aptly named “Monument” to raise funds for restoring the nearly 100-year-old structure.

Designed by Henry Bacon with the sculptural base by Evelyn Longman, the Monument was dedicated in 1918 to mark Illinois’s 100 years of statehood. The Monument, which stands at the roundabout intersection of Kedzie Avenue, Milwaukee Avenue, and Logan Boulevard, in is need of several structural and cosmetic improvements, including masonry repairs, and the restoration of original benches, plaza pavers and the globes that topped its bronze light fixtures.

Also located in the heart of Logan Square, craft brewery Revolution Brewing has developed “Monument,” a special draft-only beer that will be available at Revolution’s brewpub and tap room starting Wednesday, June 17, and at other participating locations around Logan Square throughout the month of June, including Land and Sea Dept.’s Longman & Eagle and Parson’s Chicken & Fish (see a full list of participating venues below below). For each pint of Monument sold, $1 will be donated to Logan Square Preservation, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.

Monument is an American wheat ale, brewed with a bit of white wheat and flaked oats and dry-hopped with Crystal and Centennial hops for a touch of hop aroma and flavors. This is a highly drinkable and refreshing ale, clocking in at 5% ABV and 30 IBU. Revolution brewed a very limited amount that will be on draft only at the participating locations, so grab a pint where and when you can!

We all feel like this is a great cause, one that beer drinkers in the neighborhood can all get behind and support!


Participating locations:


Boiler Room

Chicago Diner


The Double

Dunlays on the Square

El Cid

Go Tavern

The Harding Tavern

Logan Arcade

Logan Bar

Longman & Eagle

Lula Café

Madison Public House

Owen & Engine

The Owl

Parson’s Chicken & Fish

Parts and Labor

The Radler

Rocking Horse


Sink / Swim

Slippery Slope

Smallbar Logan Square

Weegee’s Lounge

Fucked Up Zodiac July 6



Land and Sea Dept. is pleased to present Fucked Up at the beautiful Garfield Park Conservatory on Monday, July 6th.

The band will be supporting their latest, seventh “Zodiac” series release, Year Of The Hare, a collection of records more experimental in nature, pushing the boundaries of their already ambitious sound.

For these special live performances, the band will expand their live line up to nine members, which includes members of the experimental band DOOMSQUAD, who also open with their own set of material.  Many of these songs have never been played live before, and we can expect more experimental, improvisational sets.

Monday, July 6th
Land and Sea Dept. presents
(@ The Garfield Park Conservatory – 300 N Central Park Avenue – All Ages)

Fucked Up

7:30pm; $25

Tickets available HERE.


Adult Egg Hunt 2015



Land and Sea Dept. is pleased to announce the fifth annual ‘Adult Easter Egg Hunt’, taking place in early April.

LSD director of operations Elana Green has hosted, organized and produced the popular event since 2012, an outing that has been warmly embraced by the larger community, and one that has grown exponentially year to year.

Last year’s event featured 6000 (!) hidden eggs, over 300 teams and nearly 1000 folks in total over the course of a beautiful spring day.

The event will once again launch from the Longman & Eagle grounds, and begins at ten-thirty am.  Participating teams can begin checking in at eleven am, and the hunt begins at twelve pm sharp and concludes back at Longman at two pm.  Winners will be announced thereafter.

DJ sets by L&E favorites ‘The Craps”.

The weekly OSB ‘Donut Shop’ opens at nine am, and pastry chef Jeremy Brutzkus will have various types of donuts on offer while supplies last.  L&E executive chef Matthew Kerney will be grilling up special ‘rabbit sausages’ at eleven, and expect plenty more from friends and neighbors throughout the day.

Proceeds from the event will be donated to the Chicago area the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago organization.
Sunday, April 5th
‘Adult Easter Egg Hunt’
@ Longman & Eagle
(2657 N Kedzie)
10am to 6pm

Hide & Seek 2015

Land and Sea Dept. is pleased to again be involved in the annual Hide & Seek dinner, in a partnership with Longman & Eagle and Monique Huston, a special off-site event celebrating WhiskeyFest Chicago.The event, taking place here at our studio, brings L&E founding chef Jared Wentworth together with a fantastic group of distillers and producers of whiskey, for an evening of conversation, food, whiskey and more. This year, representatives from Brovo, Bunnahabhain, Charbay, Deanston, Duncan Taylor, High West, Osocalis and Syndicate 58/6 will be on hand to discuss and taste their various processes and products, set within the context of a seated dinner with a menu created by Wentworth and Longman executive chef Matthew Kerney.
Friday, April 10th
(@ 3124 W Carroll)
Land and Sea Dept., Longman & Eagle & Monique Huston present
2015 Annual ‘Hide & Seek’ Whisky Dinner
6:30pm – 10pm

Neighboring design studio Struggle Inc., has been hard at work tightening up our presence on the world wide web, also know as the internets, resulting in a newly launched Lost Lake site.

We hope you’ll find the time to visit the site, and hope you enjoy our efforts!

100 Most Powerful!

Clayton Hauck for Lost Lake

Congratulations to Land and Sea Dept. beverage director and Lost Lake partner Paul McGee, for being included in Chicago Magazine’s 2015 The Power 100 list.  Of the included one hundred, only eight were pulled from the beverage and food industries, and Paul is only one of two from the city’s beverage community to command inclusion.

Kudos to Paul, for all his hard work and success!

Friday, February 20th


Friday, February 20th

Land and Sea Dept. presents

Bitchin’ Bajas
Mouth Captain

at The Garfield Park Conservatory – 300 N Central Park Avenue – All Ages

tickets HERE.

LSD in Austin

Last year, Land and Sea Dept. had the occasion to befriend a number of the fine folks involved in the Bunkhouse hotel and McGuire Moorman restaurant groups – both based in Austin, Texas – over the course of a couple of different time frames in Chicago last year, mutually affecting experiences that have since become deepening, sustained relationships.We had the good fortune to share a team building expedition (if that’s what all that drinking and eating is called), with the Hotel San Jose team last summer, as they visited Chicago in celebration of their efforts as a group, where we shared some very good times on Parson’s outdoor patio.And we then hosted Alexandra Manley, of Josephine House and the McGuire Moorman group, at the LSD studios in September, as a part of the From Good Stock supper club series.

As a result, Manley has graciously invited Land and Sea Dept. and its extended family to Austin (in January, of all months – thank you!), where we’ll present a dinner at Josephine House on Sunday, January 25th.

Parson’s Chicken & Fish chef Hunter Moore has created a dinner menu for the event, and will be working with Manley in her kitchen in the days leading up to the dinner. Longman & Eagle principal bartender Chad Hauge will also be in Texas, and he, too, will offer up a creative menu, in this case of drink and spirit pairings.

Most of us will be lodging at the San Jose, where we’ll try to exhibit, share and sustain our own team building practices, allowing for a weekend that will no doubt be a memorable one.

LSD0028 – Thank You.


Land and Sea Dept. is pleased to introduce Thank You, an American-Chinese takeout counter and delivery concept located at the corner of Diversey Avenue and Kedzie Boulevard, on the border of Chicago’s Logan Square and Avondale neighborhoods.

Executive Chef Gabe Freeman (Mott St., Ruxbin, The Publican) will oversee a tightly edited menu focusing on wok cookery. Inspired by the idea of wok hei, or “the breath of the wok,” Freeman will allow the extreme heat of the wok to fortify each dish with energy and smokiness, allowing for takeout food that transcends the usual — arriving instead with flavors that are fresh, bright, and alive.

Beginning in mid-January, Thank You will be open at 4pm daily, with a focus on late night dining. Its menu will be available for carryout, delivery, and at the adjacent tiki bar, Lost Lake, next

LSD0027 – Lost Lake

Clayton Hauck for Lost Lake

Land and Sea Dept. is excited to announce the opening of Lost Lake, a tropical tiki bar located at the corner of Diversey Avenue and Kedzie Boulevard, on the border of Chicago’s Logan Square and Avondale neighborhoods.

Lost Lake will feature over 275 carefully curated rums alongside a menu of classic + modern tiki cocktails created by LSD beverage director and Lost Lake partner Paul McGee.

Smuggler’s Cove owner Martin Cate is also contributing to the project, and has donated tiki artifacts from his personal collection, and will oversee a future rum-sipping club, launching soon.

Lost Lake will begin swizzling in mid-January.


photo: Clayton Hauck

Paul McGee joins Land and Sea Dept.


Land and Sea Dept. is pleased to announce that Paul McGee has joined the creative group as beverage director.

McGee will oversee cocktail programs at all future Land and Sea Dept. endeavors, including Michigan Avenue’s Chicago Athletic Association project, and two upcoming projects in the Avondale and Logan Square areas.

McGee came up through the ranks of bartending before the craft cocktail revival, in a time when Manhattans were requested shaken, and an Old Fashioned meant a muddled mess topped with club soda. McGee spent nineteen years working behind bars in Houston and Las Vegas before arriving in Chicago in 2008 to open the Whistler. McGee opened Three Dots and a Dash in the summer of 2013, and has since been named Chicago Tribune’s ‘Beverage Professional Of the Year’ (2013), Eater Chicago’s ‘Best Bartender’ (2013), and Jean Banchet ‘Best Mixologist’ (2014).

We are extremely excited to have him join our team, one that continues to broaden and grow with some of the finest, most talented people in the city.


photo: Clayton Hauck

Josh Kurpius at L&E


We are so very pleased to be showcasing the photographic work of Josh Kurpius at Longman & Eagle currently, an exhibition of works that will be on display in both the restaurant proper and the OSB for the immediate future.

Kurpius is regarding for his photographs of motorcycles, motorcyclists and the surrounding culture, vivid testimonials to the pursuit of good times, personal freedom, and out and out ramblin’.  A comprehensive survey of his work was recently exhibited at the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee.

We encourage you to visit Longman to see the works, and we also suggest spending some time perusing his site, as the stuff is, truly, magic.




We’re pleased to have both Longman & Eagle and Parson’s Chicken & Fish participating in Dose Market’s Holidose this coming weekend.

Showcasing “the finest designers, chefs, makers, bakers, entrepreneurs and artists in one spot”, the event celebrates all things local, in an environment where you can “eat, shop, laugh, lounge and lock down gifts for everyone on your list!”

The event takes place on Saturday, December 14th at the Venue One space at 1034 W Randolph, runs from 10:00am to 5:00pm, and tickets are available here.



Power Couple



Land and Sea Dept. partner Robert McAdams was recently featured, alongside his wonderful wife Susan Flaga, in a Sun-Times piece, It Takes Two, one celebrating their efforts here in Chicago.

The article outlines their involvement in a of number of their ventures – Longman & Eagle, Mode Carpentry, Parson’s Chicken & Fish, Sparrow, Sparrow For Everyone, and more – going so far as to (appropriately!) recognize them as a “trend-setting power couple.”



Open Market Chicago


We’re pleased to have both Longman & Eagle and Parson’s Chicken & Fish participating at Open Market this coming weekend, a now annual event hosted by the fine folks at Tasting Table.

Featuring over forty purveyors of all sorts, the artisanal food fair features offerings from the likes of Blackbird, Dove’s Luncheonette, La Sirena Clandestina, Lula Café, Mott Street, Owen + Alchemy, Yusho and more.

The event takes place on Saturday, December 6th at the Redmoon event space at 2120 South Jefferson.  The event runs from 11am to 6pm, and tickets are available here.



Public – Supply


Land and Sea Dept. partner Cody Hudson has contributed artwork to a new limited edition notebook for Public – Supply.

Public – Supply is a design conscious product maker operating with the “belief that every student has the right to an arts education.” They make distinctive, high-quality products, the profits from which are then donated to public schools and public school teachers, helping them get the resources they need “to help their students grow through creative work.”

In this case, their collaborative notebook effort gives 100% of profits from the sale towards supporting creative work in Chicago’s public schools, and Cody will personally select the Chicago classrooms that receive funding.

Notebooks can be purchased here, and you can track the funding proceeds here as well as find classrooms to donate to here.

Lost Lake Pop Up at Hotel San Jose in Austin


Land and Sea Dept. and Lost Lake are both pleased to announce that we’re heading south for Texas Tiki Week.

On August 5 & 6, tiki master (and native Texan) Paul McGee and crew will be posted up in the garden at Hotel San José from 3-6pm for a tropical tiki happy hour. Paul and bar manager Erin Hayes will be serving up takes on Lost Lake favorites (heavily garnished, as always) – the Tic Tac Taxi No. 2, Hula Hips of Tejas, and Heaven is a Place / This is the Place.

It’s sure to be a blast; see y’all there!